We Continually Improve CW Dash for Technology Professionals

Since our inception in 2009, CW Dash has reached maturity levels that speak to technology professionals who continually seek more efficient ways to run their businesses and help clients do the same.


We’ve undergone the extensive process of beta testing to ensure quality software, and even after our release to the public, have continued to make improvements to offer industry professionals what they want from their technology.


Users didn’t want to create their own queries, they just wanted certain information they could see all the time and customize simply—change the date, the company and some other criteria to display the panels they use most. CW Dash took what people asked for, and gave them what they wanted.


Customize Your CW Dash-board Today!

We started with just 8 dashboards (now called panels) and have grown to 20 where you can pick and choose the ones you use most, or create your own custom panels with our new Panel Builder.


Panel Builder

One of the newest features of CW Dash is our Panel Builder where you can create an unlimited amount of custom panels with the information you want displayed. Give it a name and the panel will appear on your drop-down menu.


Panels Include:

Utilization: There are 3 ways of calculating Utilization…

1) Business hours divided by actual hours 

2) Actual hours divided by daily capacity

3) Billable hours vs. daily capacity


Client Summaries: Great way to offer clients monthly or quarterly business reviews. With the client summaries panel, you can see what a client has done in a particular time period, and what used to take hours to compile, now takes seconds. Export the data straight into an Excel file you can print or email your client. Easy to use Three-Step Process: 1) type in client name 2) select date range 3) choose the service boards you want to display for that client or select “All.” Instantly all boards will show up on a single panel.


Member Review: Instantly track the number of tickets still open for that technician, or how many closed tickets they have. Pull up the information from ConnectWise and drop it into CW Dash to organize by the data that is most important to you.


Hours worked by Member: Billable hours vs. their actual hours, choose any date frame—current week, current month, last year or even a particular date.


Non-Closed Tickets by Service Boards: Enables you to quickly see where problem areas might lay when a ticket has been open way past a deadline or reasonable timeline.


Open Tickets by Member: Allows you to see your technicians’ progress in real time, so that you can make sure the client is being attended to in a timely manner.


Open tickets by service board: Renewal, service, reactive, proactive, etc. The bars reflect how many tickets are open for each service board. Click on the bar and a box will appear with the list of open tickets for that particular service board. Here you’ll see the ticket name, company name, summary, and status description.


Hours worked by member: Blue bar is actual hours worked by members and the red bar is billable hours.


Open tickets by company: See how many open tickets each company has with the capacity to view all the tickets and their status.


Average Resolution Time: This panel indicates how long it takes to complete a ticket from the time it was opened to the time it closed.


Closed Ticket by Member: Shows how many tickets have been closed by a particular member of your organization.


Slide Show: Choose which boards you want to display for a slide show in which members of your organization can view in a conference setting. Each service board remains for about 15 seconds, then switches to the next board. Speakers are free to pause the slideshow to go into more depth on any of the service boards.


Other Panels:

  • Average Production Time
  • Hours by Agreement
  • Open Activities by Opportunity
  • Open Opportunities by Salesperson
  • Open Tickets (by company, salesperson, member, service board, type) 
  • Tickets Closed the Same Day
  • Tickets with no Time by Company
  • Tickets without Resources
  • Total Close Percent
  • And more…
They say two heads are better than one, and ConnectWise used with CW Dash is certainly a testament to that end, offering MSPs and technology companies a better way of doing business.