IS CW DASH FOR YOU? We all know ConnectWise runs our business…

  • Do you sometimes think…”If only I could get this, or do that?”
  • Do you want a way to get more out of your ConnectWise investment?
  • Would you like real time data you can watch update before your eyes?
  • Do you want the ability to easily call up, customize and organize that data into 2D and 3D views?
  • How would you like to increase production by up to 40%?

If you said YES to any or all of these questions, then you want FASTER, SMARTER & BETTER solutions for your ConnectWise and – CW Dash IS for YOU!

CW Dash is supported and created by a team that understands your needs – in fact we have the same needs as you do. We are an MSP who knew we wanted a faster, smarter and better way for our own company so we created, developed and have continued to enhance this innovative system to benefit our business processes. As word caught on, other MSPs wanted to improve their operations too and we knew that we were on to something big that could change the face of our industry.


  • Easy and quick to install, in most cases less than 1 minute!
  • Intuitive, easy to use, and works On Premise and In-the-Cloud.
  • Works with ConnectWise instantly.
  • Increases efficiency and streamlines data in Real Time.
  • Improves employee and client relations.
  • Faster, continuous and uninterrupted workflow.
  • Simultaneous views of the panels you need most.
  • Easily customize your own panel with the data you need available now.
  • Gently touches your CW data while it dynamically updates your KPIs.
  • Leverage your investment in ConnectWise by seeing your data in ways that will increase the effectiveness of your business.


  • You run reports from ConnectWise in order to see how you are doing in your business.
  • You have thought about using Excel Pivot Tables or Power Gadgets to set up reports that will reflect your key performance indicators.
  • You ARE using Excel Pivot Tables or Power Gadgets to set up reports that reflect your key performance indicators.
  • You sometimes wish that you had known about that particular change at the time that it happened.
  • You want the Real put back in to Real-Time so that you are in front of the impact of change rather than swept up by it.

If any of these statements applies to you, then CW Dash is for you!

So, now that you’ve answered YES to most or all of the questions above and gotten excited about using CW Dash – there’s just one more question to answer… Would you like to start now – for FREE – in about a minute?