Powerful Free Tool CWDash for MSP Clients Interview Highlights

Interview Highlights Powerful Free Tool CWDash for MSP Clients
Interview Highlights Powerful Free Tool CWDash for MSP Clients

Managed Service Providers (MSP) marketing expert, Paul Green, from MSPMarketing interviewed Forza Technology Solutions CEO Joe Pannone, giving a detailed account on CWDash, a revolutionary management business intelligence platform for ConnectWise Manage. It tackles on the incredible need for MSPs today and talks of the free tool CWDash for MSP.

The most popular ConnectWise Revolutionary Business Intelligence Tool

The launch of the free and powerful product called CWDash, ten years ago, opened a door of more remarkable opportunities for MSPs. The product came to be as a result of dealing with the issues affecting Pannone’s Managed Service Provider practice. Fulfilling the need for more real-time dashboarding, better visibility, and access to all the ConnectWise Manage data in a more consumable and actionable manner.

CWDash was officially launched in 2010 and currently services more than 6,000 MSPs all over the world. The dramatic change in making the model-free with advertising took place in 2015 when IT Vendors requested it.

CWDash Overview

CWDash is a Windows application, which does not download any ConnectWise Manage data from the MSPs. With this particular design, the free tool is in real-time. Unlike other products that are in a browser-based, it does not download information to the cloud and display it.

The powerful free tool for ConnectWise Manage makes read-only calls and displays those calls from the database. The difference in CWDash is privacy and real-time dashboards.

Free Tool CWDash for MSP: Accessing and Using CWDash

Users of ConnectWise Manage can access the free tool and sign up by going to CWDash.com, where they can also see hundreds of videos about it. Complete a quick survey and enjoy using the free version of this tool. Subscribers are encouraged to fill out the survey and get the information and help they need to maximize ConnectWise Manage with CWDash.

However, if you are using ConnectWise Manage hosted in ConnectWise cloud, you will require a ConnectWise service layer called cloud data access. MSPs can directly access the product’s hosted version. ConnectWise offers a wide range of features and holds a substantial amount of information that MSPs are soon to discover.

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