Intelligent workplace experiences in the blink of an eye

Partner with LiveTiles to thrill customers and increase your profitability!

Here are a few of our partner program highlights:

  • Technical onboarding – we’ll make sure you are rock stars in deploying, customizing and managing our shared solutions through a combination of live training and on-demand videos
  • Branded demos – spin up working demos, that look and feel like the customer, sets you (and us) apart. We’ll make it happen
  • Sales and marketing onboarding – we’ll work with you to develop plans to attract new customers, and arm you with the necessary tools to identify and sell your solutions
  • Co-selling – our team will plan and sell side-by-side with you!

Hear what one of our partners has to say

“If there’s one thing I have to point out about why I love LiveTiles, it’s the simplicity. They help customers to get to a solution with SharePoint quick and easy. No coding, it solves problems at the end user level. It takes cost out of the business for partners.” – Rob Moyer, Vice President, North America, Cloud Service & Software, SYNNEX


We want our businesses to grow together, and fast. The commitment to success shown by a partner is directly rewarded by tiered investments on our end. The more we achieve together, the more co-investment opportunities to supercharge our joint vision.


Increase customer utilization of not just Microsoft Office 365, but all applications brought together in the LiveTiles platform

Create new cross-sell/upsell opportunities for Office 365 and many other business applications

Become an integral part of your customers’ technical ecosystem by reaching every desktop and put the power to control it all at the end-user’s fingertips

Differentiate your productivity practice by including our Intelligent Workplace solutions
Services (VAR/SI/MSP)

  • Expand the capabilities of your productivity practice with rich and cost effective Intelligent Workplace experiences
  • Reduce the development time required to create, manage, deploy, and maintain these experiences
  • Expanding your capabilities and reducing development time creates the opportunity to increase your services margin and uncover new opportunities

Large Scale Resellers (LSR) and Distributors

Provide a differentiated value proposition for your clients with Intelligent workplace solutions

  • Create new cross-sell/upsell opportunities for Office 365 and many other business applications
  • Uncover new services opportunities for your services arm and/or your partner channel
  • Add a significant margin opportunity to your portfolio
  • Additional integration and utilization of Microsoft Cloud solutions, as well as other vendors on your line card
  • Resonate with large, strategic customers with enterprise-level software

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