Top 3 things you should know about ConnectWise acquiring HTG

Forza has been an HTG member for 10+ years, and a facilitator for 3 of those years. We truly believe in peer groups and continue to be an advocate of HTG. Forza has also been a ConnectWise partner for 12+ years. Forza developed and created a product for ConnectWise (Manage) to be used internally, but eventually were convinced to bring to market and now give it away with advertising is CWDash.

ConnectWise announced that it has acquired HTG, a wide coaching, instructing and peer organization that cultivates achievement by igniting particular, authority and legacy transformation. Details of the acquisition were not revealed. HTG and ConnectWise has had a critical relationship since 2008.

ConnectWise has just more than 130,000 users in 21,000 businesses in more than 50 countries. HTG serves larger than 600 employees from 500 different companies in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It conducts more than 50 meetings and different business events annually for their team members.

  • Arlin Sorenson will remain head of the new HTG business unit of ConnectWise.
  • ConnectWise is fully committed to their current programs, but is also investing in expanding services such as HTG.
  • ConnectWise will not force HTG members to embrace additional ConnectWise offerings.


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